Egg Brain: Concentration Free on iPhone and iPad

Cast of Characters

Journey through Egg Brain: Concentration with a colorful cast of talking eggs!


Intrepid front-man and your first guide through Egg Brain: Concentration.


An apis mellifera with a sweet sense of humor.

Sir Philip

Self-proclaimed protector of the realm.   A fiercesome warrior and a softie for Shakespeare.

The Brain Games

Six engrossing brain games test your focus, perception, memory and timing.

Odd One Out

Quickly find the egg without a pair.


Tap to count each matching egg as it flies by.


Swipe the middle egg to its twin.


Memorize and tap the musical sequence.

Same or Different

Does the next egg match the previous one?


Keep the egg in the air!

Levels and Objectives

Tap and swipe your way through 50 levels.   Each level tracks your high score and star-rating for advanced play.

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